Quality Policy
"Ensuring high quality of our medicines and patient safety are top priorities for us."

We as ever remain committed to meet the highest of quality standards thereby ensuring consistency in our products.We firmly implement our quality policy across the complete range of products and our quality policy help us achieve prime objectives of superior product that  create long lasting business advantage for our partners. Quality control checks at all stages of production commencing from bulk drugs API quality tests that includes expedients right upto finished formulation followed by proper packaging and handling of finished products is stringently implemented by us.

We understand that proper documentation is essential in almost every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry like for product registration, factory inspection, or internal quality control and thus we take utmost care and have established proper processes to ease the documentation work at every phase of product lifecycle.

Our teamwork ensures that the end formulation has the desired efficacy and fulfils our quality commitment and also has the competitive advantage in the customer market.

Some of our key strengths are superior laboratory facilities that are run by a team of dedicated QC & QA professionals who are responsible for activities like finished product analysis, packaging material stability, stringent expiry date checking procedure along with proper warehousing and delivery facilities, fully equipped QC Laboratories with state-of-the-art instrumentation, such as XRD, HPLC, GC, FT-IR, UV, PSD by Laser Diffraction, and several others.All kinds of stability studies are performed by our QC Laboratories i.e. Long Term, Intermediate and Accelerated as per ICH guidelines.